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VersionRequires at least
DEVONagent Express3.11.8macOS Mojave
DEVONagent Lite3.11.8macOS Mojave
DEVONagent Pro3.11.8macOS Mojave
DEVONsphere Express1.9.7macOS Mojave
DEVONthink3.9.6macOS Mojave
DEVONthink To Go3.8.4iOS 15.0


VersionRequires at least
CalcService3.5.1OS X El Capitan
EasyFind5.0.2OS X El Capitan
Neo Network Utility1.0.2macOS Ventura
PhotoStickies6.0.1OS X El Capitan
ThumbsUp4.5.3OS X Yosemite
WordService2.8.3OS X El Capitan
XMenu1.9.11OS X El Capitan

Third-Party Products

PDF Expert

The third-party applications listed here are just recommendations by our staff, e.g., because they work well with our own apps. For more information about them and for customer support please directly contact their makers.

We might receive a compensation by the companies we link to through an affiliate program should you decide to buy their product later.