Needful Things

We love the Mac and its great user community. So we wrote a few little utilities that we think belong on every Mac. And we make them available for free. We hope they’ll be useful for you too.

Like Spotlight for Experts


Spotlight is great, but sometimes you need something more specialized. EasyFind finds files and folders by name, content, tags, or comments using advanced Boolean operators similar to DEVONthink and DEVONagent, wildcards, phrases, even regular expressions. It does not require indexing, is fast, and uses very little memory.

EasyFind can be very thorough. Filters, operators and sorting options still make it, um, easy to find anything in no time.

Of course EasyFind doesn’t just give you the files. It also shows previews and offers many other options to work with them.


Version 5.0.2. Requires OS X El Capitan or later.

Photos and Webcams on Your Desktop


With PhotoStickies you have your dearest ones always with you at your Mac. Or at least pictures of them. PhotoStickies shows your favorite pictures directly on your desktop, floating and, if you like, borderless.

Use pictures from your computer or let PhotoStickies load them live from the internet.

PhotoStickies also shows video streams from cameras or live webcams on your desktop and updates them automatically. You can even record them or make them your desktop picture.


Version 6.0.1. Requires OS X El Capitan or later.

Honey, I Have Shrunk the Images


Create thumbnails for your website in seconds with ThumbsUp. Drag them to its icon and it converts them in a batch with the previously set options. Of course ThumbsUp works with all image formats supported by the Mac including PDF documents and movies.

Set desired size, quality, sharpening, and anti-aliasing; scale images by percentage or maximum size.


Version 4.5.3. Requires OS X Yosemite or later.

Little Menus with a Big Effect


Add one or more out of six menus to the right side of your menu bar. They give you access to your applications, folders, documents, files, and text snippets. Launch any app with a single menu choice or insert text snippets into your documents.

Directly access all your apps, your home folder, documents, snippets, or just anything that can be put into a folder.


Version 1.9.11. Requires OS X El Capitan or later.