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DEVONagent in the Menubar

May 19, 2020 — Jim Neumann

In the DEVONagent line of products, we have  we have two utilities: DEVONagent Express and DEVONagent Lite. These are both menubar applications that allow for quick web searches when you don’t need the full power of DEVONagent Pro. Both appear as a world icon in the menubar. Just click and enter your search term.
DEVONagent Lite is free to use and has many built in search engines and categorized sites. This application opens a search of the selected site in your default browser.

DEVONagent Express is available at minimal cost. It supports the same search options as Lite but also has some search sets, like Web > Deep. The Express edition previews the results in a browsable menu. Selecting a result opens the page in your default browser, or optionally DEVONagent Pro if installed.

DEVONagent Pro brings the full power of an AI assisted search assistant but also has DEVONagent Express built into it. This version of Express has the default engines and search sets but also full access to any custom plugins or search sets you have downloaded or created! You can turn this on in DEVONagent’s Preferences > Menu Extra.

And remember, you can optionally set the Express edition to open when you start up your machine. The Lite edition can be added to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.