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Dropbox to DEVONthink To Go

August 1, 2019 — Jim Neumann

Sometimes you might want to add data from Dropbox into your DEVONthink databases. With DEVONthink on a Mac this is as simple as dragging and dropping. On iOS, however, Dropbox’s mobile application doesn’t allow for this kind of interaction. So is there an option for easily adding Dropbox data to DEVONthink To Go?

Using Apple’s Files app and split screen, you can access your Dropbox data in a fashion similar to the Finder. Exchange files between Dropbox and DEVONthink To Go by touching and holding a file, then dragging it to the other side and dropping it.

One thing to note is that the file in Dropbox must be downloaded for offline use. You will see a cloud icon to the right of the filename of most files. Tap it to download the file first, then it will be available to copy.

Bonus: You can also drop files from DEVONthink To Go into the Files app to copy them into your Dropbox account, again noting the contents must be downloaded to the device first. It even works with groups.