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Catalina and Our Applications

August 13, 2019 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

macOS Catalina is going into a new round of public beta testing and is expected to arrive for everyone this autumn. It brings changes to iTunes, Find My Friends, and Reminders, but also a lot of modifications to the underpinnings. One of these (almost) invisible changes is the end of support for 32-bit applications. You might have already been notified by your Mac about applications that need an update.

What it means to you as our customer

Of course, DEVONthink 3 is 64-bit compliant and so are DEVONthink Personal 2.11.3 and DEVONthink Pro 2.11.3 as well as the latest versions of DEVONagent and DEVONsphere.

The one application that is not fully 64-bit compliant is DEVONthink Pro Office. When you upgrade to Catalina and want to continue using DEVONthink Pro Office you’ll be able to do everything except for running OCR on scans.

What you might want to do

If you’ve already switched to DEVONthink 3 or are running the latest versions of DEVONagent or DEVONsphere you’re all set.

If you have DEVONthink Pro Office and upgrade your Mac to Catalina its OCR will no longer be usable. As a workaround you could feed your scans through your scanner software’s OCR before adding them to your database. Alternatively you could decide to not upgrade your operating system or have a look at DEVONthink 3.

If you want to go further you could also check your other applications with, e.g., the freeware utility Go64.