Legacy Versions

Just because your computer might be a bit older, it’s far from obsolete. We believe in sustainability and provide you with legacy versions of our software that make your Mac still feel young.

Legacy Downloads

VersionRequires at least
DEVONagent2.3.1Mac OS X Leopard
DEVONagent Express3.9.8OS X Mavericks
DEVONagent Lite3.9.8OS X Mavericks
DEVONagent Pro3.11.5OS X El Capitan
DEVONagent Pro3.9.8OS X Mavericks
DEVONnote2.11.2OS X Yosemite
DEVONnote2.9.17OS X Mavericks
DEVONsphere Express1.9OS X Mavericks
DEVONthink3.8.3OS X El Capitan
DEVONthink Personal2.11.3OS X Yosemite
DEVONthink Personal2.9.17OS X Mavericks
DEVONthink Pro2.11.3OS X Yosemite
DEVONthink Pro2.9.17OS X Mavericks
DEVONthink Pro Office2.11.3OS X Yosemite
DEVONthink Pro Office2.9.17OS X Mavericks

Older versions, also from apps no longer listed above, are available only on request.