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DEVONthink To Go 3.8

December 13, 2023 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

This version adds in-document search to text documents, formatted notes, and RTFs. Search using quotes and Boolean operators. When you open a document from a global search, DEVONthink To Go reuses the query to highlight occurrences in the document. You can now also undo and redo many item actions, from moving and replicating to converting and more. PDFs have new back and forward buttons including long-press menus that you can use to jump back to your reading position after visiting another page from the search popover.

If you sort your item lists by kind, collapse sections to make the list visually less distracting or quickly hide content from that look over your shoulder. When using drag-and-drop, hover over a collapsed section to re-expand it automatically. And if you want to easier spot replicated or duplicated items, let DEVONthink To Go show them in color, just like on the Mac.

Screenshot of DEVONthink To Go's in-document search popover.

If you are an academic user you will like new commands for copying text with an item link back to the document (source link) or pasting copied text with additional source link, like on the Mac. This makes creating cross-references easier than ever. If needed, you can now also exclude groups and documents from search and Wiki linking. And if you don’t want to clutter your databases with tags that only differ in uppercase and lowercase spelling, set databases to case-insensitive spelling. Running Verify & Repair afterwards unifies similar tags and a new context menu command lets you move unused tags to the trash to clean up furthermore.

Other improvements include the ability to move items into groups without making you wait for them to open first. In the Info panel, the name and comment fields expand when you enter more text, and Shortcuts knows about an item’s geolocation and aliases now. Of course, version 3.8 brings bug fixes and performance enhancements, too.

You can find a complete list of all changes by choosing ?⃝ > Release Notes on the database screen. We recommend this free update to all users of DEVONthink To Go. Get it from the Updates area of the App Store.