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Day of the Freeware @ DEVONtechnologies

November 11, 2010 —

Our freeware offerings have always been our way to say ‘thank you!’ to the greatest user community of all: you, the Mac users. And so we will continue to maintain and further improve EasyFind & Co. and offer them for free to all Mac users. Like today.

After all the updates for DEVONthink, DEVONnote, and soon DEVONthink To Go we have today published a number of updates for all our freeware applications and services that have been in the pipeline for quite a while. All our freeware has received an update, from BlueService to CalcService, EasyFind, PhotoStickies, ThumbsUp, WordService, and XMenu.

BTW: You don’t know what services are? — Services are one of the most overlooked features of Mac OS X. And they are brilliant: Services are added to the system without any hacks, they don’t need to inject code into other applications — prone to causing crashes — but still provide contextually relevant functionality system-wide. Snow Leopard finally gives them a proper place in the contextual menu and a proper System Preferences panel. If you don’t use services yet, BlueService, CalcService, and WordService will give you a reason to start doing it.