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It's Beta Time Again

March 23, 2010 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Quite a few of you have already contacted us and asked if we are planning an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad companion to DEVONthink. Our answer always was: ‘Stay tuned.’ Starting today it is: ‘Yes, and it’s already in beta test’.

I have just seeded DEVONpad 1.0 beta 1, for iPhone and iPod touch, to our closed beta tester team. That means that all major features have been implemented and it’s time now for bug fixing, performance enhancements, and interface polishing. The final step will be, of course, adjusting the user interface also to the iPad. Want to know what we think about the iPad? We think it very well designed, both hardware and software, and has a great potential. We will support it as good as we can!

So, to give you an impression of what DEVONpad looks like, here are a few screen shots for you, showing: the main screen, the sync in progress, information about a database, a list of documents, the search screen, and the map screen showing pins where documents have been created.

I will keep you updated about the further progress we make with DEVONpad. We hope that we can give 1.0 final to Apple for review as quickly as possible.

Side note: Please don’t contact us to ask if you can join the beta group. The iPhone Developer Program allows us to install beta software on up to 100 devices. We need to keep a few slots in the list for iPad testing so please understand that we cannot extend the beta group at the moment.