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This Time for Real: Welcome, Jon and Alan

April 6, 2011 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Some among you may have discovered that we were presumably not that interested in Jon’s ZX Spectrum BASIC programming skills. But, in fact, Jon Hjelle did really join our team, just like Alan Edwards.

Jon Hjelle, who lives in Opelousas (Louisiana, USA), is our new iOS developer. He takes over the DEVONthink To Go development from myself and is already getting into the source code and bug reports. He is also already working closely with Rob Rix, who is working on the last polishing of the DEVONthink for Mac sync plugin.

Alan Edwards from Emerald (Victoria, Australia) complements our Mac development team and is responsible now for additional modules such as the Sorter, scanning, text recognition, and the web interface. A new version of the Sorter that fixes many issues you have reported is already in the labs.

Even though the two have just begun to work with us we are already enjoying their company!