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Before You Buy That NAS …

September 1, 2015 — Jim Neumann

When people are looking for ways to share data on their networks, they often run into a device called an NAS (Network Attached Storage). In contrast to external drives, these are actually file servers. (If an external drive is just storage, a file server is storage with a brain!) NAS are advertised as powerful and fast solutions to your data sharing needs, but is it completely true?

EconTechnologies, makers of the well known ChronoSync, has posted a great article on using an NAS with a Mac. Check it out before you get out your wallet. Cloudwards also has a good article about what NAS are and how they’re used.

Attention! Never simply put your DEVONthink databases on an NAS volume. Network problems could damage your valuable data. Better use the NAS as a WebDAV server and use the built-in synchronization to put a syncable copy of your databases on your NAS.