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Contacts in DEVONthink

September 19, 2017 — Jim Neumann

One of the less noticed import options in DEVONthink is the ability to import contacts from your address book. There are three formats you can import in.

  • Import a contact as a link to have a record that updates with any changes you make. Maybe someone moves and you update their address. Or there’s a new addition to the family and you add a child’s name to the notes on their card. The next time you view their card in DEVONthink the new information will be there.
  • Importing a contact as a VCard will not update with changes but creates a self-contained copy of the contact’s information. This can also be handy if you need to pass the information along to someone else.
  • Importing as a sheet creates a DEVONthink sheet that can be used in a spreadsheet application that supports editing .tsv (tab-delimited) files.

As an extra bonus, the VCard and linked contacts have active links in them. Hover over the word home before someone’s phone number and you’ll see it change. Click it and you’ll see options to call or send a message.