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New School Year, New Databases

September 15, 2015 — Jim Neumann

Classes are coming—sorry, we can’t stop it from happening—and with it: homework. And with homework come research and the need to organize information. Three simple approaches to using a DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office database for school:

  1. Make a single database for your entire school year and create groups per class (and sub-groups per assignment, if desired).
  2. Make a single database per class. This allows you to keep your math research and homework separate from your English and your Art Appreciation homework. Again, you can use whatever other groups to keep assignments isolated too.
  3. Make a database per assignment. This may seem odd to some people because you could end up with a small database. The truth is, there’s no prize for having a big database, and no shame in having a small one. Maybe you wouldn’t use a single database for one test at the end of the week, but a term paper or a presentation may benefit from keeping its information separate to concentrate on.