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Reindex E-Mail in DEVONthink Pro Office

June 9, 2015 — Jim Neumann

Capturing email messages is one of the most common things people do with the Pro editions of DEVONthink.

One of the differences between the editions is how you can search for email. In DEVONthink Pro, the messages aren’t indexed but you can find them by searching by Name (subject line) or URL (sender). In DEVONthink Pro Office the subject line, header, and the body content is indexed.

(Sorry, but neither DEVONnote nor DEVONthink Personal support indexing email, though the Personal edition does allow you to import them via drag-and-drop.)

If you switch over to DEVONthink Pro Office at some point, the already imported email won’t be indexed, only newly imported messages. So do you have to try and reimport all those messages? Of course not. Do a Tools > Rebuild Database… and when DEVONthink rebuilds the index for the database, it will index the contents of the previously imported messages, too.