How do I scan with my ScanSnap scanner?

Unfortunately, ScanSnap scanners don’t work with Apple’s Image Capture and can’t be controlled by DEVONthink. Instead, create a scanning profile in the ScanSnap Home software with the Send to option set to direct its output to DEVONthink.

  1. Open ScanSnap Home and navigate to Preferences > Application.
  2. Press Add or remove, and add DEVONthink.
  3. Select ScanSnap Home > Scan Settings, then Profile > Add new profile.
  4. Select the ScanSnap Home profile and…
    • change the name of the profile, e.g., to DEVONthink Scans,
    • change the Type to Mac (Scan to file),
    • change Send to to DEVONthink,
    • and adjust any other settings, as desired.
  5. Press Add to create a new profile.

This will send new scans to DEVONthink. While all editions of DEVONthink receive the scans, remember that only the Pro and Server editions have OCR capabilities. Alternatively set ScanSnap Home to perform OCR.