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Thank You for Your Nice Words

July 12, 2019 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

After the long-anticipated launch of DEVONthink 3 as public beta we’ve received a huge amount of feedback. And, honestly, we are relieved that the vast majority of the email, messages, tweets, and forum posts positively welcome the new generation of our flagship product.

A user from the University of Mainz, Germany, writes:

This is no tech feedback; instead I’d simply like to congratulate you on the release of the new version 3 beta! Seeing the new website and the new (really beautiful) app is like meeting an old friend again. And it’s really good to see that you are still at it, sticking to the same core values (ie: focussing on serious work, privacy, and giving space to individual knowledge management strategies).

I think I’ve used DevonThink on and off since almost the beginning (must have been around 2006–7), and there are some important and wonderful memories attached to it. Over the last ~10 years, my software needs have changed drastically (ie: I now work with TB sized datasets), but given the new really cool automation features, I might try and get back into using DT.

And this lawyer looks forward to put DEVONthink 3’s new features to work:

Devonthink version 3.0 beta is fabulous. It adds those features (new fields, etc.) that greatly enhance its use by lawyers. I use it for (1) transactional work — capturing and storing all relevant documents for a matter, (2) litigation support, such as discovery, depositions, and document organization with groups and tag, and (3) legal research, all my sources are indexed. The sync feature allows me organize my matters on my main computer and carry them around on my iPad. So far the sync feature using Dropbox has been flawless. You and your team really knocked the ball out of the park with version 3.0. Congratulations!

With DEVONthink 3 we have also adjusted our pricing model. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy when it comes to money but this comment on the forum lets us know we’ve not chosen a completely wrong course:

It’s clear to me that you really put some serious thought into the pricing model, new app divisions as well as upgrade pricing. For all the work you have put into version 3, I think the upgrade pricing from 2.x to 3 is very reasonable. (…) So many “upgrades” by so many software companies seem to be designed more around maximizing profits. But I think what you did makes it obvious you looked at it from the customers’ point of view as well.

Thank you all for your positive feedback!