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DEVONthink 3.0.1

October 2, 2019 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Our first update brings several improvements and fixes for DEVONthink 3.

It is now possible to reorder the Navigate sidebar and choose if you want to show the Tags groups of databases within these databases. You can also now create tags containing commas, e.g., for tags representing author names librarian-style like “Millstone Jennings, Paula Nancy”. New smart rule event triggers let you add actions before sync begins, after it finishes, or after manually renaming files. Conveniently export annotation files out to the Finder in several formats.

In addition we have improved the synchronization of indexed files and monitoring of the iCloud background upload process. Other improvements include better dark mode support in the Sorter, text wrapping in plain and rich text editing, more reliable autosaving when closing tabs or windows, and fixes for some interface glitches.

We recommend this free update to all users of DEVONthink 3. Get it directly by using the app’s update function or our Download page. You can find a longer description by choosing Help > Release Notes inside the application.