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MacPowerUsers on Research Apps

October 29, 2020 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann
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In the latest episode (559) of their excellent podcast MacPowerUsers, David Sparks and Stephen Hackett dive deep into the field of applications for serious research. They define what makes a product good for research, take a look at what they found to be the major players, and talk about which product is a good addition for which type of research work. DEVONthink got some stage time, too, so if you’re into research you shouldn’t miss this episode.

In addition, Kerry Dawson writes about his ten year relationship with DEVONthink on Tech Today Review. Kerry is always interested in everything new and tries out the latest products. But in all that time he always relied on DEVONthink for his knowledge management needs. He explains what he uses it for and how he integrates it with other applications. Read the full article here.