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DEVONthink To Go 3.3

December 20, 2021 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

This update for DEVONthink To Go 3 adds a document options menu, support for searching documents in Asian languages, and recognizes source code documents. It also improves the overall performance and reliability.

The new document options menu lets you quickly change settings specific to the kind of document you’re currently reading or editing. Change the text size of plain text documents or the scrolling direction of PDFs without navigating back to the database screen and summoning the settings popover.

Screenshot showing DEVONthink To Go's document options menu.

Documents in Asian languages are now properly tokenized before being added to the full-text index. This makes it possible to find them without using awkward wildcard queries. Existing documents need to be reindexed before they can be found (see the release notes inside the app).

In addition, DEVONthink To Go recognizes many source code documents as such and new editing menu commands allow setting the document’s title or capture text into a new document. Version 3.3 also further improves many details all throughout the app from item counts to verifying databases. All items in a smart group can be downloaded at once using the context menu, and synchronizing large numbers of tags is faster.

You can find a complete list of all changes by choosing ?⃝ > Release Notes on the database screen. We recommend this free update to all users of DEVONthink To Go. Get it from the Updates area of the App Store.