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Understanding Indexing Files

August 18, 2023 — Aaron Volkmann
Screenshot showing the tutorial Understanding Indexing in DEVONthinks support assistent.

DEVONthink provides two different methods for getting data into your databases: importing and indexing. Importing copies the files directly into your database, while indexing leaves the files in their original place and DEVONthink just creates a reference to them. Both methods have their advantages and downsides, and while importing is the default option, there are of course some good reasons to index files in some scenarios.

To explain what it means to index files, what you can do with them in DEVONthink, and what you should keep in mind, we have created a tutorial for you. Select Help > Tutorials in the menu of DEVONthink to access it. And if you want some more information, have a look at the section In & Out > Importing & Indexing in the built-in Help or in the handbook.