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Dvorak Endorses Mac and DEVONthink

July 15, 2009 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Technology writer and columnist John C. Dvorak — not really known for supporting the Mac or Apple overwhelmingly — mentioned DEVONthink in his latest column “My Son Bought a Mac” in PC Magazine:

[…] was a smart move, since he was following the advice of pundits, technology writers, and everyone who ever gave advice about what to buy and why: “Buy solutions, not hardware.” In his case, the solution was a stunning piece of software called DEVONthink, which he needs for a book he’s writing.

This thing sucks up PDF files like crazy, first organizing and then sorting them into manageable database blocks. I’ll leave it to reviewers to fully explain its features, but let me just say that it’s about as close to a killer Apple app as anything I’ve seen since VisiCalc in the late ’70s. […]

I was also thinking about the gorgeous $675 Gateway laptop. My other son nixed that idea, saying the thing flexed too much and it would undoubtedly result in failure. Nothing was as good as the MacBook Pro, and it had the DEVONtechnologies software. […]

Thank you, John!