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Archiving a Web Page

January 23, 2007 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

To archive a web page within DEVONthink, use the contextual menu. First, select the Link document in question to view the web page ‘live.’ Control-click or right-click the background of the page to show options that are affect the whole page, not a specific item on it. Now, choose ‘Capture Web Archive’ to save the current state of this page as a web archive (the HTML code including all images required to display it) directly into the database. Even if the web page changes over time, this captured web archive won’t.

Note: When you choose ‘Capture Page,’ DEVONthink saves the HTML code of the page only, but not the images. To view such a saved HTML document you need a live Internet connection and the originating web server must not remove the images or the page will not display correctly. Therefore: Use ‘Capture Web Archive’ instead!