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Create Custom Forms with Google Drive

September 17, 2013 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

If you have a Google account and access to Google Drive, create a form there. (I’ll leave the how-to on that to your own research. It’s not difficult.) “Share” the form so that you get the link to the form, and create a bookmark in DEVONthink for that form. When forms are created in Google Drive, you have the option to create a spreadsheet there to collect the responses. Do so, then navigate to that spreadsheet and grab the link for it. Create a second bookmark in DEVONthink for the spreadsheet.

Forms can be completed by you as you take notes (put them in their own windows). If you have text fields in your form, you can drag text or RTF files to those fields and the content of the files will be inserted into the field. You can drag in URLs, images, etc. into various fields. Just be sure to “Submit” the form when you update it, and the data from that form will be appended to your results spreadsheet. Internet access is necessary for the Google apps, of course.

A great tip from DEVONthink and forum power user korm — thank you!