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Note to Self …

February 9, 2016 — Jim Neumann

During the course of the day we often have a need to jot down a quick note in a database. Maybe it’s details on a customer inquiry, the idea for your next great invention, or a reminder to get milk on the way home (and yes, you can put little things like this in DEVONthink too, if you’d like).

Select Tools > Take Note and a window will appear for you to add a note in one of four formats: Plain Text, Rich Text, Formatted Note, or Markdown. When using rich text or formatted note, you can even drop images into the content section. Select where the note will be saved. This choice will be remembered, making it easy for even quicker note taking to common locations. Add some tags on-the-fly. The window will remain above other windows and appear in all spaces. Lastly, if you enter a note and close the window without clicking the Save button, your note will remain intact when you open it again.

To make things even more convenient, set a hotkey in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sorter so you can start a note from wherever you are. However, you don’t need the Sorter to be open to take a note. If it is open, it will switch to take a note and switch back when you’ve saved the note.