Your smart notebook

Your thoughts and ideas are valuable. DEVONnote keeps them and provides you with unique tools and artificial intelligence so that you can focus on things that really matter: creating even more ideas.

  • Focus on thinking not organizing
  • Keep your notes together in one place
  • Build your personal wiki
  • Seamlessly mix notes and live data from the web

— Test drive for 150 hours run-time.
Mac running or later

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Create something new
Structure, write, link. Create a personal wiki from your notes.

Get focused
Focus on thinking, not organizing. DEVONnote takes care of the rest.

Your data, no boundaries
Capture notes from anywhere and link to them from other apps.


Create something new

It’s not about data, it's about creating something meaningful from it.

Collect, analyze, summarize, write: With DEVONnote you have all you need in one app that actively supports your workflow. View all your notes, texts, and related webpages in one place, use our innovative approach to tags to quickly organize them, and write in the enhanced rich text editor. Use manual or automatic Wiki-style links to effortlessly cross-reference your work.

DEVONnote's two full screen modes help you stay focused, while smart templates are a great starting point for new documents.


Get focused

Focus on thinking, not organizing. DEVONnote takes care of the rest.

Collect all your notes, ideas, thoughts effortlessly in one place. Take new notes with a single keystroke, save bookmarks for inspiring webpages by dragging them to DEVONnote, or capture interesting paragraphs using the Services menu. DEVONnote keeps in the background and lets you continue with whatever exciting task you are just engaged.

Later, DEVONnote actively helps you organize your notes and bookmarks based on how you filed similar data before. The search function retrieves your notes and smart groups present related data together. Quickly find similar documents using keywords extracted from the document and the unique "See also" function.


Your data, no boundaries

DEVONnote is open: Wherever your data comes from and whatever you want to do with it, it provides you with the best tools and as much metadata as possible.

Store your notes and bookmarks in the self-contained database. Clip data from other apps with just a keystroke, adding it to the GTD®-like inbox for later filing, or take notes with the Take Note panel. Drag-and-drop and the Services menu integrate DEVONnote seamlessly with your workflow.

Send links to your documents to any app which handles web addresses (URLs), e.g. OmniFocus or email or export your documents in their original file format. DEVONnote doesn’t hold your data hostage.