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How to Narrow the Search Location

November 7, 2023 — Jim Neumann
Screenshot showing a targeted search in two selected databases in DEVONthink.

When you’re searching for your documents in DEVONthink, you often have an idea where they might be. Searching everywhere would give you more results than you want at the moment. In another post, we explained how to focus a search using search prefixes. Another option is to narrow down the search location.

Part of the power of our search engine is it’s context-sensitive. When you do a toolbar search, a scope bar appears below the toolbar. It allows you to choose where you’re searching. For example, select Inboxes to search the inboxes of all open databases.

Do a search, then just select a different group or database in the Navigate sidebar. The scope bar will update to the name of the location and the search results change as you select other groups or databases. Hold ⌘ and click on another location to add it to your search as well. This allows you to search multiple individual locations at once.