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DEVONthink 2.9.16 Speeds Up Synchronization

October 19, 2017 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

With our maintenance update 2.9.16 for DEVONthink we focused on enhancing the built-in synchronization. We now let you import multiple databases at the same time from a sync location and pending items are automatically downloaded from the next available location.

In addition we’ve made connections to servers more reliable and efficient, store credentials separately to avoid issues related to macOS’ sometimes flaky preferences handling, and clean up sync locations more aggressively. This improves the sync speed especially of databases containing news feeds or with devices that are synchronized just now and then.

Other enhancements in version 2.9.16 include:

  • Better handling of Finder tags
  • Data menu cleaned up a bit
  • Smarter OPML import
  • Slightly faster importing and indexing
  • Moved or renamed database are more reliably recognized

Lastly, DEVONthink 2.9.16 fixes a number of issues related to PDF annotations, the new AFPS file system, and the Touch Bar on computers running macOS High Sierra. DEVONnote 2.9.16 receives the relevant improvements and bug fixes from its siblings, too. Click here to read the full press release.

We recommend these free updates to all users. Get them directly by using the apps’ update function or our Download page. If you purchased them in the Mac App Store you’ll receive them as soon as they’ve passed Apple’s review.