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DEVONthink and DEVONagent in the Blogs and Podcasts

January 19, 2016 —

It’s time again to share three great mentioning of our products. Writer and blogger Ben Elijah shares his experiences with productivity tools and habits and says about DEVONthink:

DEVONthink is, in my ways, the epitome of the ideal info dump. You can drag pretty much any kind of file into the app and it will make sense of it. […] DEVONthink’s secret weapon: the “See Also & Classify” function. When you select an item in your DEVONthink database and enable See Also & Classify, you will see a dossier of items which relate to whatever you’ve selected. This can include any file type. It’s a game-changer.

David Sparks mentions, among many other great tools and tips, DEVONthink in episode #300 of the Mac Power Users podcasts:

We’ve had a lot of guest recently talking about DEVONthink and  I am seriously considering folding that into my day job in a big way.

Finally, researcher and blogger Christian Jorion starts using DEVONagent Pro for his studies:

Chercheur, juriste, étudiant, journaliste… nombreux sont les métiers qui trouveront, avec DEVONagent Pro, un outil vraiment indispensable pour leurs recherches sur la Toile.

We just love that our software is not only being bought by people but actually being used and proves to be useful.