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February 14, 2013 — Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann

Historian and power user Rachel Leow has recently published a thorough review of DEVONthink Pro Office in Perspectives on History. She explains how she uses our software for her research and where the obstacles are when trying to reach the Holy Grail, the paperless office. Rachel introduces us into this conundrum:

With the increasing ubiquity of digital archives has come the expectation that we must use them; with rapid advances in search technology has come the requirement that our research be more comprehensive than ever before. Yet, we today are a transitional generation of historians strung between physical and digital worlds. We work with a scruffy assortment of research formats: typed notes, PDFs and archive photographs alongside microfilm printouts, photocopies, and a scrawl of illegible notes from that one archive on your research trip that wouldn’t let you bring in your laptop. Consolidating this untidy sprawl has become a problem in itself, one to which scholars usually apply themselves only incidentally in the actual task of research.

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