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March 14, 2023

How to Receive our News via RSS

Screenshot showing a RSS feed in DEVONthink.

A fantastic way to get news in an organized, clear form, and be able to read them in one place, is RSS. We support RSS, too, and provide feeds for our blog and forum, so that you can get news and conversations about us and our products in your feed reader at your convenience. Here is, how that works. (more)

January 16, 2023

See You on Mastodon

Screenshot showing DEVONtechnologies' Mastodon user profile.

For months Twitter has been sailing in rough sea, and last week its new captain unceremoniously made many of its third-party clients walk the plank. If you’re also jumping the ship, meet us on Mastodon! You can also easily follow Mastodon users or hashtags in DEVONthink. We show you how. (more)

May 25, 2021

Are you on Instagram?

Instagram post picture showing an ammonite background and the word transclusion.

Instagram is a confusing concept but has, especially for the younger generation, replaced other options like Twitter and Facebook. We now have an Instagram account too, to experiment with it and to see if it can be useful for you. (more)

March 19, 2009

New Twitter Account: @devontech

In the presumably hopeless attempt to separate between the official DEVONtechnologies news and my personal replies and comments I have just switched this blog’s auto-tweet function to our company’s corporate Twitter account. If you are following me but want to receive official news, too, please follow @devontech (and if you only want to read those, feel free to un-follow me, of course).

June 5, 2008

Do You Use Twitter?

Even after reading so much about Twitter, I am still unsure about what it can be useful for. Looks like a mixture between blogging, instant messaging, IRC-style discussion groups, everything together cooked up in a pot and carefully stirred. The AcademHacK blog gives a few firsts shots about one can use Twitter professionally, but what do you think? BTW: I have opened my own account, but still experimenting.