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14. September 2021

Wie Sie ein Datenarchiv erstellen

ZIP-Datei einer Datenbank.

Eines der Themen, das wir unermüdlich wiederholen, ist die Notwendigkeit, Backups gewissenhaft durchzuführen. Wir sind der Meinung: “Wenn Ihnen Ihre Daten wichtig sind, sollten sie gesichert werden.” DEVONthink führt zwar keine eigenen Dateisicherungen durch, bietet aber eine Option für regelmäßige Vollsicherungen einer Datenbank. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie ein Datenbankarchiv erstellen, das als sekundäre Sicherung verwendet werden kann. (mehr)

22. Januar 2020

Wie Sie Ihre Privatsphäre schützen

Ein gestern von Reuters veröffentlichter Artikel wirft einen Schatten auf das Bekenntnis von Apple zu Privatsphäre und Verschlüsselung. Wir geben Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Daten aus iCloud-Backups heraushalten, Datenbanken verschlüsseln und sicher synchronisieren. (mehr)

28. August 2018

Backups (Part 2: Locally Hidden)

As mentioned last week, we sometimes receive support requests from people where the best option is to restore data from backups. All too often we find out they have not been diligent in keeping their backups current, and some have never even started them! Is there really no solution for them? For people who have used Time Machine but haven’t connected their backup drives in some time, there may be hope as Time Machine keeps a local hidden backup too. (mehr)

21. August 2018

Backups (Part 1: Local)

If there’s one difficult question to ask in Support, it’s: “Do you have current local backups of your DEVONthink databases?” Too often, the answer is, “No” or “I’ve been thinking about starting backups, but I need to restore my data now!” This is a heartbreaking response to hear, and one we want to hear less and less. (mehr)

4. September 2018

Backups (Part 3: Online)

When we discuss backups, we generally advocate primary backups on local drives. However, we sometimes hear, “But, I want to use an online backup!” While, this is indeed possible, here are a few things to bear in mind: … (mehr)

29. August 2017

Internal Metadata Backups

DEVONthink does not have a system for automatically backing up everything. DEVONthink has a setting in its Preferences > Backup that controls how many internal metadata backups are done. These backups can be used in a troubleshooting situation by selecting Tools > Restore Backup. (mehr)

8. April 2014

Online Backup with Arq and Amazon S3

Backups are something that every computer user is supposed to do but nobody really enjoys doing it. Apple’s Time Machine makes it a lot easier, at least when you have a second hard disk or a Time Capsule. However, if you’re like me and you don’t want to clutter your desk with yet another piece of hardware you might like Haystack Software’s Arq popup: true. (mehr)

1. Mai 2007

Going Back to a Backup

Why-o-ever it may happen, databases can go corrupt. Be it a damaged file system, a system hang, or, Heaven forbid!, a DEVONthink crash. But, no reason to panic. First, run Tools > Verify & Repair. If DEVONthink cannot repair the database or if you are sure that you’ve lost some data, it’s time for the internal backups. By default, DEVONthink keeps two internal backups of the database index files that you can revert to at any time. (mehr)