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5. April 2022

Wie Sie auf iOS mit Fenstern arbeiten

Bildschirmfoto des iPadOS-Fenster-Swichers mit zwei geöffneten DEVONthink To Go Fenstern.

Seit einiger Zeit unterstützt DEVONthink To Go mehrere Fenster auf iPadOS, z.B. wenn Sie etwas länger auf ein Dokument drücken und In neuem Fenster öffnen aus dem Kontextmenü wählen. Allerdings ist der Umgang mit Fenster auf dem iPad etwas gewöhnungsbedürftiger als auf dem Mac. Hier einige Tipps, wie Sie mit diesen Fenstern arbeiten. (mehr)

10. Dezember 2021

Mikah & Rose Recherchieren auf iOS

iOS Today video podcast logo.

In Folge 578 von iOS Today sprechen die reizenden Mikah Sargent und Rosemary Orchard talk über das Sammeln von Notizen und Recherchen auf iOS. Dabei streifen Sie die eingebauten Möglichkeiten wie die Safari-Leseliste und die Tab-Gruppen genauso wie Apps von Drittanbietern. Natürlich fehlt DEVONthink To Go dabei nicht. (mehr)

3. August 2021

Wie Sie die Programmsprache ändern

Auf dem Mac und auf iOS starten Programme immer in der bestmöglichen Sprache aus der Liste der bevorzugten Sprachen in den Systemeinstellungen. Aber wussten Sie, dass Sie die Sprache auch individuell für jedes Programm wechseln können? (mehr)

14. September 2010

First Peek: DEVONthink To Go Product Page is Online

Two weeks ago we have sent beta 10 to our beta tester community. Today we have officially released the DEVONthink To Go product page with a feature list, screen shots, and a short Getting Started guide. The product page also reflects the most current development status (now: in quality assurance testing) and App Store review status as soon as we have submitted the app to Apple.

31. August 2010

DEVONthink To Go Beta 10 Seeded

In case you are waiting for the release of DEVONthink To Go, our iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch companion to DEVONthink and DEVONnote: with Michael on board we have used the last four weeks for fixing all remaining issues making the app now as stable as we want it to be. So we have just seeded beta 10 to our closed team of beta testers with a long list of fixes and last-minute improvements. — and this is intended to be the last beta. So if all goes well we are now only running a few final tests and then push it to the App Store. We are firmly disposed to send version 1.0 to Apple earlier than later in September.

30. Juni 2010

DEVONthink To Go 1.0 Beta 5 Seeded

A while ago I posted an article about our forthcoming iPhone application. Since then we worked in stealth mode on finishing the app and optimizing it for iOS 4.0, the iPhone 4, and the larger user interface of the iPad (which we finally received also here in Europe where I am living). On the iPad it’s truly a ‘DEVONthink that you can touch’. Absolutely cool. See yourself: … (mehr)

27. April 2010

First Day on the Balcony and a New Beta

Today I it was for the very first time this year warm and sunny enough for me to work on the balcony — the one balcony that gave this blog its name. People are sitting outside and are having a cup of coffee on my hometown’s market square. That’s how I should be! (mehr)

23. März 2010

It's Beta Time Again

Quite a few of you have already contacted us and asked if we are planning an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad companion to DEVONthink. Our answer always was: ‘Stay tuned.’ Starting today it is: ‘Yes, and it’s already in beta test’. (mehr)

31. Juli 2009

Do You Own an iPhone?

It’s not a secret that we are also developing … something … for the iPhone (and the iPod touch). We are now getting near the point that laboratory testing is no longer enough. We need feedback from real users — like yourself! So, if you are a DEVONthink Pro Office user, own an iPhone, and would like to do some beta testing for us, please email me. Seat numbers are very limited due to the ‘provisioning’ procedure that is required for iPhone applications. (mehr)