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1. April 2022

DEVONthink unterstützt NFTs

Ein Bildschirmfoto, welches das Kontextmenü von DEVONthink To Go mit dem neuen Befehl

Wenn Sie digitale Originale verkaufen oder kaufen möchten, dann sind non-fungible Token (NFTs) der Weg der Wahl. Twitter und 1Password haben bereits Unterstützung für NFTs, ebenso wie die nächsten Updates für DEVONthink und DEVONthink To Go. Erstellen Sie NFTs für Ihre Dokumente und verkaufen Sie sie auf OpenSea, oder speichern Sie digitale Assets in DEVONthink. (mehr)

1. April 2018

DEVONthink to Adopt Blockchain Technology

The most-discussed new technology in the last few years is clearly the Blockchain. While it’s best known as the basis for Bitcoin it’s main advantage is its highly decentralized approach to data storage. Data is added in encrypted form to a robust chain of byte blocks that make tempering with it impossible. Reliable versioning comes with the approach as a free extra, and as all data is not only stored locally but also on an uncountable number of other computers world-wide data loss is something no longer worth thinking about. (mehr)

1. April 2017

The Next Generation of Our AI is Here

We have been hard at work these past few years. Not only on DEVONthink To Go 2 and our new sync technology but also a new generation of our AI engine. Meet Awareness.

Before our applications used only the documents, their metadata, and information derived from the way you filed them. Awareness goes much further. It tracks which applications you are using, what actions you perform, and where. Then it creates groups and files items as you work and when you return to, e.g., DEVONthink you’ll find hierarchies, tags, and connections already made for you and ready to use. (mehr)

31. März 2015

DEVONthink Gold Edition

With the Apple Watch comes not only the first wearable computing device that could reach the masses. There also comes the trend towards personalization. The Apple Watch Edition sets the new mark. Of course we don’t want to stand back and so we proudly present: DEVONthink Gold Edition. (mehr)

15. Januar 2015

Devonian Times × 2

As you might know our company name comes from the Devonian Period. And so calling our blog Devonian Times was obvious. Just recently a reader pointed us to just another Devonian Times. It collects all kind of information about the Devonian Period. While unfortunately it wasn’t updated since 2006 but you might still find it an interesting read far away from all the technology we’re usually writing about here.

1. April 2013

CareTaker for Facebook is Here

Some people say that our apps are not “social” enough now with Facebook and Twitter being still the main trends in the industry. We listened and proudly present a brand new freeware app: CareTaker for Facebook. Never get your friends kicked out of your news feed again. Don’t get calls from annoyed friends telling you that you don’t like their posts. And all this without wasting even more time on Facebook. (mehr)

20. Februar 2013

Der Schlupfkrabbler ist wieder in seiner Höhle

Dank tatkräftiger Mithilfe von Ihnen, unseren deutschsprachigen Anwendern, haben wir den vor zwei Wochen auf unserer Webseite versteckten Hinweis auf Die Drei Fragezeichen gefunden: Auf der Seite zu DEVONsphere Server machte der Schurke aus unserem „Crawler“ sehr bildhaft übersetzt einen „Schlupfkrabbler“. Dieser ist jedoch eindeutig keine Software. Eher Hardware: Es handelt sich um einen der Mobimechs aus Folge 119, „Der geheime Schlüssel“. (mehr)

29. Oktober 2010

Devonian Masterpiece

The Devonian was not only the time when our ancestors crawled out of the water and onto the land. It was also the name-giver for our company — and presumably for Devon Works, a design company that has created the Tread 1 watch, a little electronic/mechanic masterpiece. Even when you don’t need a watch right now you should at least have a look at the great animation they show on their web site.

28. Juni 2010

Devonian Music

Ray Troll, who made some great songs about the important evolution step that took part in the Devonian period, has a brand new web site. Nice!