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15. August 2023

Wie Sie Webinhalte in DEVONthink erfassen

Bildschirmfoto, auf dem ein DEVONthink-Fenster mit geöffnetem Google-Tab zu sehen ist.

Das Erfassen von Webinhalten ist eine der gängigsten Methoden, um Informationen in DEVONthink abzulegen. Sie müssen dazu nicht einmal zu einem separaten Browser wechseln, sondern können auch direkt in DEVONthink Webinhalte suchen und erfassen. Hier erfahren Sie, wie das funktioniert. (mehr)

28. Mai 2021

The Sweet Setup über DEVONthink

Wohnzimmersituation mit einem MacBook, auf dem DEVONthink zu läuft.

The Sweet Setup ist eine der besten Webseiten für alle, die sich für Produktivität interessieren mit täglichen App-Besprechungen, Tipps und Onlinekursen. In einem aktuellen Artikel zeigt Josh Ginter, wie er DEVONthink und DEVONthink To Go verwendet, um PDFs zu ordnen und zu kommentieren. (mehr)

21. Oktober 2019

Clip to DEVONthink und Safari 13

Safari 13 no longer supports traditional browser extensions. With DEVONthink 3 we have rewritten the whole Clip to DEVONthink experience and integrated it into the application. But what if you’re not ready to upgrade yet? Don’t panic. Our browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome continue to work just fine. (mehr)

19. Juni 2018

Read It Later in DEVONthink

Sometimes you have a need to store a bookmark but have no time to read it now. One option is to use an online service like Pocket. Another option is to add the bookmarks to Safari’s Reading List. But maybe you want to keep these items in your DEVONthink database. Here’s one way to do it: … (mehr)

17. April 2018

What Did I Clip?

If you use our browser extension, Clip To DEVONthink, you’ll see a notification after a successful clip. If you check the Notification Center, the icon of three lines on the right side of the menubar at the top of your screen, you can see a record of those clips. Up to a week’s worth should be available to browse. In High Sierra, clicking on the message should open the record in DEVONthink. (mehr)

3. Mai 2016

Use Clip To DEVONthink with Opera

For those of you who are using the Opera browser for your web searching, it is possible to add our Clip to DEVONthink extension to it. We don’t have an Opera-specific version but with an Opera add-on, you can use the Chrome extension. (mehr)

11. September 2013

When Chrome Doesn't Like Clip to DEVONthink

Even though Google Chrome probably shares more information with its maker than you like, it also does a lot to protect you from the (other) bad guys — and sometimes also the good ones. If our Clip to DEVONthink browser extension doesn’t seem to work in your copy of Chrome and just reloads the browser contents when you click its icon in the toolbar, here’s a possible cure: … (mehr)

16. Juli 2013

Clip to DEVONthink Updated for Retina Displays

Using the Clip to DEVONthink Safari extension you easily capture web pages to your DEVONthink database with a single click or keystroke. We have today updated the extension for Retina displays and corrected an issue that prevents the current version 1.2.1 from automatically updating itself. If you own a MacBook with Retina display this update is for you! (mehr)

11. April 2013

Spring Updates, Part One

“Alles neu macht der Mai,” Germans are saying. We do it already in April! We have just released maintenance updates for all three editions of DEVONthink popup: true as well as for DEVONnote popup: true. The update improves the reliability of synchronization, clipping with the Clip To DEVONthink browser extension as well as the bookmarklets, and many other parts of the apps. If you’re using the new web interface of DEVONthink Pro Office popup: true you’ll like that we have made it a lot faster. (mehr)

13. August 2012

Chrome Extension Updated

In the recent releases of Chrome Google has tightened the security for installed extensions. We have just updated our Chrome extension to work with the latest version of Chrome. Visit the Chrome Web Store popup: true to install the Clip to DEVONthink extension or use the Chrome extension preferences page to update your existing copy.