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22. Oktober 2010

Perfect Your Digital Document Filing System

On FastCompany, tech blogger Gina Trapani talks about how to build a good digital document filing systems and which tools to use. For the Mac she also mentions DEVONthink.

Scanning your stacks of paper to digital documents is a huge project, and you want to make sure all that information will be as easy to find on your hard drive as it is in your filing cabinet. In this week’s episode of Work Smart, packrat Ed Imbier asks how he can organize his digital archive in a way that makes finding information easy. I share my favorite tools for capturing, organizing, and finding documents on your computer, and Lifehacker editor Adam Pash gives his advice,” she writes on the intro page. (mehr)

27. Juli 2010

Use Folder Actions

The folder actions scripts that we supply with DEVONthink Pro allow you to turn any folder, e.g. one on your Desktop, into a hot folder. To attach a script to a folder of your choice, do the following: … (mehr)

10. Juni 2010

ScanSnap S1500M Speed Demo

Mac user Boris Nienke has published a nice little video on his blog ‘nSonic’ where he shows how fast one gets rid of a 16-sheet paper document using the ScanSnap S1500M and DEVONthink Pro Office. His commentary is in German language but it might be worth watching even if you don’t understand German. Click here to watch it.

6. Mai 2010

The Apple Press on DEVONthink and the ScanSnap

On The Apple Press Philipp Eierund just published a very nice piece about The Mobile Mac Office, actually reviewing the combo of DEVONthink Pro Office and the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300. He writes:

In conclusion, the results of the quick and reliable ScanSnap S1300 in combination with the feature-laden DEVONthink Professional Office are hard to beat. Once set up and configured to your liking it is possible and — perhaps even more importantly — fun to maintain a paperless office with minimal effort. […] So, do yourself a favor and get rid of the paper! (mehr)

24. September 2009

Apple's Scanner Compatibility List

DEVONthink Pro Office uses Image Capture, Mac OS X’s own scanning framework, for accessing flat bed scanners, all-in-one devices, and document scanners (the Fujitsu ScanSnap is an exception, it uses a proprietary driver software). How would you know that your scanner is compatible? Simply try it. But, finally, with Mac OS X 10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’, there is a simpler way: Apple has published a list of compatible scanners: Click here to look up your scanner. Thank you, Apple! (mehr)

19. August 2009

ScanSnap Community

Fujitsu has opened a site dedicated to ScanSnap owners and those of you who want to become one: the ScanSnap Community. So if you own a ScanSnap or plan to to so, check out the Updates, Testimonials, Tips & Tricks, and Ask the Expert sections to learn more about what you can do with a document scanner. (mehr)

19. Mai 2009

Use an Unsupported Scanner

DEVONthink Pro Office comes with built-in support for both Image-Capture-compliant scanners as well as ones that use a TWAIN driver to communicate with your Mac. Some scanners however refuse to work with both approaches and work best with their own scan software. Don’t worry, you can make even make most of these scanners work with DEVONthink. (mehr)

29. April 2009

ScanSnaps Sighted in Our Shop

Many of you are already using a Fujitsu ScanSnap together with DEVONthink Pro Office. But if you don’t and you’re living in the United States, we have something for you: Starting today you can buy DEVONthink Pro Office bundled with the ScanSnap S300M or S1500M in our online shop as the ‘Paperless Office Bundle’. Happy shopping!