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29. Oktober 2020

MacPowerUsers über Apps für Forscher

Logo des MacPowerUsers-Podcasts

In der aktuellen Folge ihres hörenswerten Podcasts MacPowerUsers nehmen sich David Sparks und Stephen Hackett Programmen für Wissenschaftler an. Dabei hat natürlich auch DEVONthink seinen Auftritt. Und Kerry Dawson erklärt auf Tech Today Review, warum für ihn DEVONthink unverzichtbar ist. (mehr)

27. März 2020

Zwei aktuelle Rezensionen 🇪🇸🇭🇺

Falls Sie Spanisch oder Ungarisch lesen oder sprechen, könnten Ihnen diese zwei Artikel über DEVONthink 3 gefallen. Vielen Dank, Javier und Laszlo, für eure schönen und ausführlichen Besprechungen. (mehr)

17. Dezember 2019

MojMac über DEVONthink 🇵🇱

Das polnische Mac-Magazin MojMac bespricht in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe DEVONthink 3 in einem Artikel, der gleichermaßen schön zu lesen wie anzusehen ist. Verpassen Sie nicht Ausgabe 9/2019, wenn Sie Polnisch verstehen. (mehr)

5. April 2018

AppStories Goes Serious about DEVONthink

In their latest episode of their excellent podcast AppStories Federico Viticci and John Voorhees discuss DEVONthink for Mac and iOS at length.

They explain what they use our software for in their daily life, how they structured their databases, and which platform they personally prefer. Federico and John also talk about their clipping workflows and how they automate them using URL commands and Apple’s Workflow app. (mehr)

11. Januar 2018

DEVONthink To Go in Macdrifter's Top 5 of 2017

Gabe Weatherhead of Macdrifter lists DEVONthink To Go in his Top 5 of iOS apps of 2017:

While syncing data may no longer be a problem for me, finding it can be. DEVONthink To Go (DTTG) has really solved this problem for me and it’s one of my most used apps on my iOS devices. The fast search, tagging, capture, and iCloud integration really make it indispensable to me. (mehr)

27. Dezember 2017

DEVONthink To Go Reviewed and Listed

From time to time our products are mentioned in the media. Here are two articles this December that I found especially worth sharing with you:

At The Appadamic Jai Bentley-Payne reviews DEVONthink To Go in-depth from an academic viewpoint. Jai uses the iPad professionally in his academic work, and our applications have become key elements in his workflow. In his article he asks: “Is DEVONthink To Go worth buying if you are an iOS only user?” … (mehr)

26. Juli 2018

Our Software in Blogs and Podcasts

In the last few weeks our software was mentioned in blogs and podcasts a few times. Whether you’re reading German, are a lawyer, or you’re just interested in all things iOS you might find these interesting: … (mehr)

27. Oktober 2017

Mac Geek Gab Mentions DEVONthink and Other Needful Things

Our friends at MacObserver mentioned DEVONthink, EasyFind, and more again in their excellent Mac Geek Gab podcast, episode 679:

Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK are the topics today, but that means you’re in for a real treat. The goal is for everyone to learn at least four (4!) new things, but today you’re guaranteed to learn a whole lot more. (mehr)