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July 6, 2021

Volume Purchase Program?

Since we released DEVONthink To Go 3.0 we received the question about how to buy the app as a student or educator. In the world of the App Store this is only possible via the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). We would like to know if you are a member of the VPP and if buying via the VPP would be (or would have been) an option for you. (more)

September 25, 2019

How to Upgrade Promo Licenses

Our newly introduced user accounts list all your licenses as well as the upgrade options for them. But what if you purchased your license not from us but in a promotion, e.g., from MacUpdate Promo, StackSocial, or a bundle? No worries, you can, of course, upgrade too. (more)

April 9, 2014

Online Shop NOT Affected by "Heartbleed"

A few days ago a critical bug named Heartbleed was discovered in OpenSSL, the software that makes connections to websites secure. The bug affects more than half a million websites including companies such as Yahoo or Flickr. We have checked our own online shop and it is NOT affected by Heartbleed; Avangate, the company that runs our shop, confirmed this. (more)

December 6, 2013

DEVONthink 2.7.2 in the App Store Now

After over a year Apple has finally reviewed and approved the latest update to DEVONthink Personal for the App Store. For a long time DEVONthink in the App Store stayed at version 2.3.4 whereas on our website we were already at 2.7.2. The reason: shortly after we released version 2.3.4, Apple required all applications in the App Store to implement a technology called “sandboxing”. (more)

October 2, 2013

DEVONagent Updated also in the App Store

With todays update to version 3.5.2 we finally welcome DEVONagent Pro to the brave new world of sandboxing, now the prerequisite for distribution through the App Store. The update also cleans up some aspects of the user interface by hiding rarely used or unavailable options, and improves compatibility to some websites. The Download Manager adds the URL of downloaded items to their Finder/Spotlight metadata. (more)

May 30, 2012

DEVONsphere Express is Coming Home

We promised to offer all our commercial apps also in our own online shop. Today we kept the promise by adding DEVONsphere Express to our shop and making a free trial version available as we do for all our apps. Version 1.5 brings also additional enhancements and bug fixes. If you purchased your copy in the Mac App Store and ran version 1.4 or later at least once you can also replace your copy with one downloaded from our website. It will happily accept the existing Mac App Store receipt as a valid license.

April 23, 2012

New Shop Online

In the last few weeks I have been working behind the curtain on a new online shop with a new provider, Avangate. The new shop is easier to navigate, much better integrated, and offers us a more modern backend. If you had problems with our previous shop check it out.